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Useful Information

Below are links to information we hope will be useful for new and existing families.

About Our Educators

Our qualified early childhood educators are professionally trained to create the stimulating and nurturing environment in which children learn and develop to their full potential. Kitiwah educators realise the importance a warm, caring setting plays to a child’s learning. This consistency of care plays a valuable role in children’s learning and for this reason we pride ourself on our low staff turnover.

Early years education is highly specialised. It not only requires teachers who are trained in early childhood, but dedicated individuals who are able to listen, encourage, support your child, and help create the magical learning environment that enables them to use their innate skills and motivation to learn. It is the skilled early childhood teacher who is able to create the opportunities and possibilities that allow your child to explore, to actively encourage formulation of ideas, make decisions and problem solve.

The educator/child relationship is essential to a play based problem solving approach to learning. It is through the trust, connections and ability to listen that your child’s ideas, views, thoughts and stories can be truly heard.

An educator’s role is to be supporter, provider, sustainer and enricher of your child ’s play.

Kitiwah educators recognise that, while there are general trends in growth and development, your child is unique and will grow and develop at their own rate, and in their own way.

The qualified educator at Kitiwah is trained to observe all areas of your child’s development and then make use of these observations to plan an educational program.

Professional development

Kitiwah firmly believes that continuous professional development is synonymous with quality early childhood programs. Current research overwhelmingly demonstrates that quality teaching practice is one of the most significant influences on children’s learning. Because professional development is a vital component in enhancing the quality of teaching practice, Kitiwah holds regular workshop and training programs for staff, administrators, parents and others involved in early childhood.

Personalised attention

A play based program is more effective when there are two qualified teaching staff members working with children in a variety of play based experiences, which is the case in all Kitiwah rooms.

All Kitiwah staff working with children hold a blue card and current first aid, resuscitation certificates, plus asthma and anaphylaxis management training.

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