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Useful Information

Below are links to information we hope will be useful for new and existing families.

At Kitiwah Place Early Learning Centre, the selection of staff is of critical importance.

The criteria used to select staff focuses on their formal educational qualifications, experience in working with young children, confidence, maturity, ability to relate to young children, enthusiasm, interactive skills, ability to work as a member of a team and they must also possess a supportive and caring nature. All staff employed in the Centre are fully qualified or trained in accordance with Education & Care Services National Regulations (2011). (Information regarding staff and their qualifications is displayed in the foyer of the centre). Occasionally, students and volunteers participate in the Centre, however they are always supervised by one of our qualified staff members. Students and volunteers do not hold positions of responsibility, so please remember to look for a staff member to leave your child or messages with in the mornings.

In addition, we have a pool of qualified and approved relief staff who are employed to ensure that the child to staff ratio is maintained at all times. All staff, students and volunteers must undergo a criminal check in accordance with The Commission for Children and Young People in order to receive a Suitability Card (‘Blue Card ’) prior to commencing work at the Centre.

More Information

For those looking for more information, below are links to National Framework, and our policies and guidelines for several important areas.

Free Kindy 2024

QLD Free Kindy Program

National Quality Framework

About the NQF

Exclusion Due to Illness

QLD Government Time Out Information

Additional Needs Children

Inclusive Environments

About Our Educators

Qualified Professionals

Parent Involvement

Building Community

Our Policies

Ensuring Quality

Child Care Subsidy

Info on the CCS

Multicultural Inclusion

Celebrating Diversity

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