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Our Policies

Our policies are designed to ensure your child's wellbeing

Our Policies

Ensuring Quality

State Government legislation sets minimum requirements for kindergartens, childcare centres, family day care and OSHC on basic safety, staff to children ratios, and buildings and grounds.

Kitiwah, as noted previously, has set higher standards than those required by legislation.

This system of quality assurance measures the quality of care provided by the service, and ensures the ongoing provision of successful outcomes for children.

Kitiwah was accrediated in February 2010 with NCAC and received the highest possible rating of care.

Monitoring quality

Kitiwah has specialist early childhood education and care aqpproved provider and nominated supervisor who is the educational leader in the service. This educator is highly qualified in the field of early childhood. Their role is to ensure your child’s service is providing the highest quality education and care possible.

The Kitiwah Approved Provider and Nominated Supervisor’s play an invaluable role by:

  • providing a supportive role to its services
  • ensuring quality assurance and monitoring compliance with Kitiwah standards
  • promoting “wise-practice” early childhood education programs that honour children first
  • designing, advising upon and advocating for aesthetic and creative indoor and outdoor environments that are challenging, dynamic and safe
  • taking on an advocacy role in respect to children, families and the curriculum
  • supporting, guiding and leading current best practice through resources, workshopping and conferencing
  • supporting with affi liation and/or licensing requirements
  • maintaining their own professional development in order to support the ongoing professional development of the centre staff they work with.

Policies ensuring your child’s wellbeing

Paramount to Kitiwah’s philosophy is the wellbeing of each child. Kitiwah has developed a range of policies to support care and safety in its service.

Policies include:

child protection, administration of medication, immunisation, exclusion for contagious illness, sun protection, nutrition, workplace health and safety, playground equipment, excursions, emergency and evacuation, and more.

Kitiwah policies reflect best practice as well as mandatory requirements and ensure staff are providing the highest standards of care, health and safety for children. They have been developed with input from relevant agencies including government departments and health officials.

Kitiwah policies are continually reviewed and communicated to its team and families in order to keep up-to-date with best practice. A copy of our policies is available at reception. It is important parents are aware of these policies in order to support the staff in ensuring the comfort, safety and wellbeing of all.

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