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Parent Involvement

We believe it's important to build lasting partnerships with parents

Parent Involvement

Valuable role of families and community

Educating our children is a team effort. Families, qualified early childhood educators and the wider community underpin a quality educational experience.

While children benefit from a wide support network, society also profits by involvement in nurturing the next generation. A health service promoting nutrition, grandparents volunteering on roster days, or a neighbourhood tradesperson lending a hand, all contribute to a greater sense of community.

Government also plays a key role by recognising the vital importance of the early years in a child’s development and investing in, supporting and promoting access to high quality programs for all children

Importance of parent partnerships

You, as parents, are the primary nurturers, educators and role models for your child. You can foster educational continuity from the home to learning service by being actively involved in your child’s development.

Research consistently shows that parental involvement maximises the effectiveness of early child development programs.

“There are well-designed child development studies and longitudinal surveys that show that quality early child development programs that involve parents benefit the children and, in many cases, their families as well,” according to the findings of the Early Years Study. Their research discovered that activities focusing on parent interaction, as well as play based problem solving with other children, stimulated early brain development. Parental involvement is considered more than an occasional visit to see how the child is doing.

We think the thing that gets us is the incredible trust that parents place in us each day. To hand over your most precious person to the care of us at Kitiwah. To trust we will love them, care for them, nurture them, instil a sense of wonder and delight, awaken a desire to learn – gets us every time. It is what drives us to ensure that we do acknowledge the gift that families give our society and our world.

Thank you for bringing your beautiful child to Kitiwah today

Come and play

Kitiwah views parents and educators as partners. We encourage you to visit our service through our “open door” policy. You have an open invitation to visit, stay and be involved in your child’s activities.

Kitiwah educators work to form effective partnerships with you through:

  • open communication
  • trust and understanding
  • a commitment to working towards shared goals in relation to your child

Parent Involvement

Communication:  Parent and Educator co-operation is very important for the well-being of your child. Many avenues of communication are promoted within the Centre.

We use the Storypark app to provide information and updates on your child’s journey as well as our standard practices below.

  • informal and formal discussions regarding your child’s development and progress (ie. Parent and Educator interviews)
  • day information sheet for each child for your perusal upon departing depends on room)
  • programs/room which are available for perusal on a daily basis
  • bi-monthly Educator reports in Centre Newsletter
  • special parent days/nights
  • information pockets/child to be checked daily for notices, newsletters and accounts
  • centre noticeboards
  • slideshows and room photos taken of play in room daily
  • child’s individual information form found in your enrolment pack for your child’s Educator

Grievances and Concerns

Our staff welcomes your input and suggestions, as these will enable us to provide the highest level of care for your child. When an area of concern arises regarding the care of your child please discuss this with your Child’s Educator. If you feel that your need has not been met or you feel uncomfortable discussing it with your Child’s Educator, do not hesitate to approach the Director.

We will attempt to work through any concerns and hopefully achieve a satisfactory outcome for all involved

You may also direct enquires to the Maryborough Regional Office – Early Childhood Education & Care, PO Box 142, Maryborough QLD 4650. Phone: (07) 4190 3871

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